Four Years of OTC

Date: 24th January 2024

Dear members,

I am delighted to announce that Our Tech Community has completed four years since its inception! To commemorate this occasion, we held an in-person meetup, OTC MeetUp #4, where alongside technical lightning talks, I recapped some of OTC's activities throughout these four years, gave my thanks to our team and members, and talked about our future plans. I'll sum up OTC's four years here as well.

Our notable events in the last four years:

All in all, I think we have done amazing work in these last four years, put in a lot of effort and have shown consistency and dedication towards conducting hundreds of events and keeping them as organic and Tech-focused as we can. We have been able to conduct these events, learn from them and build friendships, mainly because of two sets of people. One set is the people who attend our events and the other set is the OTC team. I briefly want to express my gratitude to all these inspiring people.

Our attendees and members:

Thank you so much for attending our events, and for giving your time, knowledge, experience, advice and energy to everyone at our events. We all have built genuine bonds with each other and have learnt a lot from each other. We have all collectively helped each other be better and that makes me immensely proud. I feel so grateful to realise that we have an atmosphere in OTC where we all want each other to progress and have each other's backs when things aren't going well. That, I believe, is the strength of Our Tech Community and what indeed makes it our tech community.

The OTC Team:

There are six people who help OTC run smoothly. I cannot thank the team enough for putting in so much effort towards the community and for inspiring me to be better. The community wouldn't exist without their hard work. A lot of their principles have shaped the community and how we decide to go about doing things, which I have learnt from and am immensely proud of. We know each other well and have learnt to complement each other and work together. I am incredibly thankful and grateful to have these people in my life as friends and as OTC's team members.

We have conducted a lot of events, we have a great set of people attending our events, a great team working tirelessly behind the scenes and a supportive environment to grow. We're all extremely grateful to have all this. Thank you! Let us now look at our plans for OTC going ahead.

Our future plans:

Our ask:

Our events are open to all and aim to teach, help and foster genuine connections between people. We have mainly been focused on learning and thus rely mainly on our attendees to ask their friends and acquaintances to attend our events. Word-of-mouth publicity is the way a lot of people join us and we believe that although slow, this is a more organic way to have people attend our events and leads to better bonds between all of us as well. So, if you like any of our events and learn something from them, we request you to ask your friends to join us for some of our events, hang around for a bit and talk to people! We're sure they will enjoy and learn a lot with OTC!

We also wanted to remind everyone that we are on the lookout for people who are willing to give 15 to 60 minute-long deeper technical talks, so if anyone knows someone who might be interested, please reach out to us and fill the CFP! It would be of great help!

In conclusion, I want to thank our attandees and members, and the OTC team. I am proud of everything we all have done together. We will try our best to do even better moving forward and I hope you join us for the journey!

Thank you!

Harsh Kapadia
Organiser, OTC